Cow Mattress for Cattle and Dairy Farms

Synthetic micro cellular rubber made cow mattress gives comfort to livestock, keeps away harmful insects and cold

Our RFL brand cow mattress is best in the industry, providing large size in the market at low price for cattle farm owners, small farmers

Length: 72 Inch

Standard size of the rubber sheets are 72 inch long and between 68-74 inch.

Width: 38 Inch

Rubber sheet standard width is 38 inch with slight deviation between 36-40 inch

Thickness: 10 Millimeter

Standard thickness is 10 millimeter with deviation between 8-11 millimeter

Color: Black, ``Dheu`` Design

Refined carbon black material. Sheets are plain with no design in the surface area.

Micro Cellular Rubber Processing Technology

We have best chemical engineers in our team for consumer satisfaction

We use wastage or scrap plastic bag during vulcanization of synthetic rubber making. More than 60% of supply came from single use plastic bag. Rest is reclaimed rubber and scrap shoe materials. Micro cellular rubber sheet we make has huge environmental impact, every step we go through is green.

Rubber Carpet for Cow

Benefits of using rubber

Synthetic and natural rubber has been used by many leading industry for their production purpose.
  • Better thickness and stiffness for bag surface area
  • Fully waterproof, resistant to liquid
  • Standard size for better cost optimization
  • Overall 80% from recycled raw materials
  • No harmful chemical for human body
  • No discoloration of rubber in long run
  • Durable and no wear and abrasion
  • Fully foamed for better softness and comfort