Wasting time is useless cleaning the environment is the best

Throwaway plastic that holds our takeout food and wraps our dry cleaning is widely seen as one of the world’s biggest environmental hazards. It is thrown away and can end up clogging waterways and choking animals or sometimes is burned, sending hazardous fumes into the air.

For years, environmentalists have pressured ultimate consumers to reduce their plastic bag use and shamed consumer companies to use less plastic in their packaging.

M/s. Khodeza And Sons (KS Rubber Industries), a small and medium business startup has came up with idea that converts single use plastic into synthetic Micro Cellular Rubber (MCR) Sheets. In our plant we recycle more than 1500 KG single use plastic everyday.

  • Our synthetic rubber has zero waste
  • Environment friendly and low carbon foot print
  • Different usage of our product across industry
  • Almost zero natural rubber consumption during process
  • Alternative to natural rubber to meet increasing demand

A cotton t-shirt will decompose in nature in 6 months while a plastic bag could take 500 years

– According to scientists –

How Do We Do It

Approximately 130 million tons of plastic is being used in a single year. Only about 8 percent of plastic gets recycled in the United States, while more than 20 percent gets recycled in Bangladesh.

Most of the recycling plant owned privately. Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs invests in recycling industry. Almost all type of plastic is recycled through different machinery and sent to different industry. Large chunk is involved in recycling plastic bottle, chair, table, container etc.

In Bangladesh nothing gets thrown away, young entrepreneurs finds a way to convert waste/scrap into something useful.

High Quality Standards

We follow industry standard practice to generate quality product for ultimate customer.

Educated & Experienced Team

Our employee and workers are heart of this green factory. We provide accommodation facility free of cost.

Modern Business Solutions

Adapting new technology has taken us to a new height. Not everyone has the courage to work with recycling industry

Care for Environment

We never let leave any wastage from our factory, in fact we collect single use plastic and convert them to synthetic rubber

Global Connections

We are in process of collaborating with USA based tech company for developing a geo-tracking application for discarded plastic collectors.

Positive Reviews

Our supplier, distributor, vendor, buyers gives thumbs up

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

– KS Rubber Industries –

Some Of Our Clients


The cow mattress or carpet they make for cattle farms are very durable and best quality. I make repeat purchase from them.

Amzad – from Savar, Dhaka

“KS power” is one of the most popular rubber sheets in my area, this rubber is used as cow carpet/mattress as well as roofing solution in kitchen house for rural areas.

Gopal – from Jessore, Bangladesh

I used to buy natural rubber sheets from shop, but I can clearly identify product quality of synthetic rubber sheets. They are stiffer, harder and durable.

Jahir – from Lakshmipur, Bangladesh

Making ladies high heel footwear with other rubber sheets has been tough for us, after their new product “Meghna” rubber. It’s been different, profit margin has sky rocketed!

Julhash – from Kamrangirchar, Dhaka

The way this company makes synthetic rubber from thrown away plastic bags are incredible, no one has done that before. I praise their research team.

Idris – from Bhairab, Bangladesh

KS Rubber is one of the fastest growing upcycling factory who focuses on circular economy and environment.

Jasim Mia – from Kalatia, Keranigonj