Rubber Cow Mattress

Cattle and dairy farm owner uses our RFL brand rubber cow mattress for their livestock, giving ultimate comfort to the animal and protect them from uneven surface, water, slip, damp floor
Rubber Sheets in a Warehouse

Bag-Luggage Sheets

We make rubber sheets for bag and luggage industry. With this type of sheets, small industry make their bag water proof. Also these sheets will give stiffness to the overall bag.
Rubber Sheets for Bag, Luggage, Footwear

Covering Sheets

For highest thickness, this rubber sheets are perfect match for your need in bag-luggage factory. You can split upto 16 pieces of a single rubber sheets. This is also known as “Covering” in local market.

Roofing Sheets

We produce rubber sheets for rooftop in rural areas, people with low income level usually uses this type of rubber for their home, kitchen house. Each sheets can be split in two way. During rainy season, roofing rubber sheet has high demand
Synthetic Rubber for Footwear, Bag-Luggage

Footwear Sheets

Special blend rubber sheets are used in footwear industry as insole. Ladies high heel shoes are made by our synthetic rubber. With high thickness and large size, SME business can maximize profit

Crumb Rubber

As we process scrap plastic bag, our factory produces crumb rubber. These crumb is derived from EVA foam, PE foam, Shoe insole etc. There is a large demand for crumb rubber to reuse in similar industry